Phone Wars

Story by Nikyia Rogers. Photo by Luke Dormehi.

JULY 28, 2015: Parents are always complaining about children being on their cell phones all the time. We spend around seven and a half hours/day on our mobile devices. The amount of time people spend on their mobile devices has increased over the years because of new technology. People have gone from just making calls to being able to get on the internet and text people. Some kids’ grades have decreased due to the amount of time they spend on their phones. “Phone Wars” happen between parents and their children because of the amount of time kids spend on their phones.

One day a girl was on her phone using Twitter. She was a straight D student in school and didn’t care. When she got home her mother told her that she was taking her phone for a while. At first she was very upset and didn’t know what to do. After a few months she started doing better in school and getting Cs and some Bs. After that her mother gave her the phone back and she kept doing well in school.

There should be better parent and child relationships like the one with that girl and her mother. If children spent less time on their phone and more time doing work, they would succeed. Sometimes parents could take away their child’s phone until they get their grades up. They could also have other punishments to make sure their child does better in school. Students’ grades will go up if the amount of time on their phones goes down. According to studies student grades go up when they spend less time on their phones.

Nikyia Rogers is a freshman at Friendship Collegiate Academy.

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