People and Their Pets: Ms Gomes and Hersey

Story by Makhia McCullough and Anijah Foster

December 9, 2014. Hershey is a super dog.

Hershey, the brown French Poodle belongs to Ms. Gomes. Ms Gomes is an SSST Coordinator and Hersey is her pet and therapy dog.

He can do lots of tricks like sit up, lie down, roll over, give high five, shake hands, jump through a hula-hoop, stay and release. He also goes places with Ms. Gomes. So far he 

went to Rhode Island, Michigan and Massachusetts. Hershey even has a job. He is a therapy dog. He goes to different places to cheer people up.

Hershey is a pretty cool little dog unlike my dog who doesn't do any tricks or have a job

Makhia McCullough is a 5th grade scholar and Anijah Foster is a 3rd grade scholar at Friendship Southeast Academy.