People and Pets

Story by Corde’ Shaw and Mikayla Decker. Photo by Ms. Morton.

FEB. 3, 2016: Coal Pepper Bailey is a pup on the move who loves to travel. Ms. Morton said that he is an amazing little dog who loves to travel with her. They moved to the DC area from Delaware this school year. He was born in May of 2013. Ms. Morton has wanted a dog ever since she was a kid, so she is very happy to have Coal Pepper in her life.

Coal is a Havanese dog who comes from Cuba. He is mix of brown and salt and pepper in color. His best trick is to flip on his back and wiggle. He once tried to walk back to Delaware on the highway when he was feeling homesick. He was located and returned home quickly and safely.

Corde’ Shaw is a second grade scholar and Mikayla Decker is a fourth grade scholar at Friendship Southeast Academy. Ms Morton was a principal at Friendship Southeast Academy.

Coal Pepper Bailey Morton

Coal Pepper Bailey Morton