Our Glow Day!!

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By Raysean Franciso, Cordé Shaw, Arianna Shaw and Saije Cathey. Edited by Arianna Shaw and Cordé Shaw. Photo: Glowinc.com.

FEB. 16, 2017: On January 31, 2017, Preschool - 2nd grade went to a skating rink named Temple Hills Skate Palace. All kids that had 150 DOJO points could go. DOJO points have to be earned by following directions.

If you have never been there, we think you’ll really enjoy it. They have different types of racing events, glow in the dark events, dance events, and there is a special room for a party. We did all of the events.

Raysean did a roller racing challenge. He thinks that he was the fastest one there. The most exciting to me was the glow in the dark event. We brought a glow in the dark pacifier.Then we skated around. They played a song that I liked. It was called.”Juju on that beat”.

It was so much fun. Elmo and Pikachu came out. Then Pikachu danced in the middle of the floor while everybody took pictures of him. We want to earn more DOJO points to go out of school and have fun again.

Saije Cathey is kindergarten scholar, Arianna Shaw is a 2nd grade scholar and Corde Shaw is a 3rd grade scholar at Friendship Southeast Academy.