OMG! Did You See Those Glasses?

Story by Deziyah Flood. Photo by De’Asya Ford.

MAY 3, 2017: In this new age and generation, students now wear personality glasses that aren’t prescribed by doctors. You can get them from the mall stands, beauty supply stores, and even the Dollar Store. They are so cute and go with any personality. They have big glasses, round-faced glasses, square- framed glasses and even the larger size frames which all come in many colors and designs. All kids wear them. Even adults wear them. They’re cute on everyone. I personally like them because they show another positive side of my personality... bold, beautiful, loud and above all a successful fifth grader who plans on being an entrepreneur one day. Mostly you can match all the glasses with everything. People always think that they’re prescribed by doctors because they’re very similar to prescription glasses. Personally, glasses first started in Washington, DC  and now everybody wears them.

Deziyah Flood is an outstanding 5th grade scholar at Friendship Blow Pierce Academy.