Obama Administration Wants to Change Redskins’ Name

Story DeVon Rogers. Picture: www.redskins.com.

In efforts to change the Redskins’ name, President Obama’s administration talked to Mayor Muriel Bowser about bringing the Redskins back to Washington, DC.   The Obama administration said that the name is offensive to Native Americans. Secretary of Interior  Sally Jewell’s  decision is not to build a new stadium for the Redskins unless they change their name.

I believe that the name, Redskin is not offensive it and the name change should be up to the people. How can the 

Obama Administration  say it's offensive if people take no offensive from it. Again politicians are going off from what they think. They need to go back to their states and take note of what the people say. This is what is wrong with America. The Obama Administration does not speak for me unless I tell them or ask. Before doing anything, talk to the people. Let them come up with a compromise. Redskins’ name has been around for decades and some people have grown attached to it. I am a fellow Washingtonian. I believe this is an injustice and is none of their business. The government has  more pressing matters than the name of a NFL  team that has been around since 1937. The name has history behind it and should not be disturbed.

DeVon Rogers a freshman at Friendship Collegiate Academy.

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