No Pressure, No Diamonds and We’re Tier 1

Story by Nyyah Robinson. Photos by Christian Outten.

Woodridge had a Tier 1 celebration and everyone from our Community office came out. We had a carnival with several different moon bounce machines, game trucks for playing video games, a dance area with live music, and cupcakes. It was so much fun! The day started out with an awards ceremony and speech by the CEO of Friendship, Ms. Patricia Brantley. Afterwards, Ms. Owo, our school's principal thanked the entire staff and students for working so hard last year. Ms. Owo said, "We have on our Tier 1 shoes and No Pressure, No Diamonds!"  

Our principal Ms. Owo stated, “We have a lot to be proud of. Our Elementary School (Pre-K to 3rd) showed growth in student achievement for ELA and mathematics. In particular, we made double digit gains in all metrics for ELA and math student achievement!”

As far as our Middle School (4th – 8th), we did overall the best! Ms. Owo said in an excited voice, “Our school showed growth in all ELA and math student achievement and student growth areas. In particular, we made significant gains in mathematics achievement and growth across the grade levels with 20 point gains in some areas! We all should be proud!”

We are super proud of all of our hard work! This year we are going to try even harder to achieve much more!

Nyyah Robinson and Christian Outten are both 4th grade scholars at Friendship Woodridge Academy.