Mouths Closed, Minds Open

By: Anthony Devone. Photo By: Jacqueline Howard.

Ever see those people whose bodies are in complete paralysis? They can’t move, speak, blink or even eat. If you’ve ever had sleep paralysis you might be able to relate. If you actually have it you probably aren’t reading this. But what if you could still communicate to those people simply by reading their thoughts?

Those people dubbed “locked-in patients” are now able to communicate with people thanks to a new interface system. The system was used to decode the thoughts of locked-in patients while they were asked yes and no questions. Niels Birbaumer, researcher and lead author of the new study stated, “No surprise, but pleasure,” at the results. Multiple families commonly use the system to keep in touch with locked-in relatives.

The technology is simple, but revolutionary and could potentially benefit in the future. It could potentially become a new way to interrogate or connect with those in comas.  The possibilities are actually endless as a new way of communication has made its way into society.

Anthony Devone is a junior at Friendship Collegiate Academy.