Miss America, Yummm Ice Cream and Us

Story and video by Meagan Maddox, Dionne Wallace, Elijah Corley, Dha’Kira Williams, Morgan Maddox, Corde Shaw and Arianna Shaw. Edited by Dhakira Williams and Dionne Wallace

Photo by Elijah Corley.

June 11, 2019: Hey guys. Welcome back to the Fun Thinking Show. Did you know that Miss America, Nia Franklin, has a favorite ice cream shop? Meagan Maddox did a story about Ms. America for Women’s History Month. Check it at: https://www.codefnn.com/code-3-18-fall-2014/our-perfect-miss-america. Well, if you didn’t know, her favorite ice cream flavor, Ooey Gooey is from Ample Hills Creamery, in Brooklyn, NY. Elijah said that it would be nice to taste it, so we contacted Ample Hills to order samples of Ooey Gooey. They sent us FREE ICE CREAM.!! Their ice cream tasted amazing. They got our attention, so we looked them up on the internet. And this was the beginning of another story for us.  

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 12.02.30 PM.png

Ample Hills got their name from the poem Crossing Brooklyn Ferry by Walt Whitman. Ample Hills used Walt the Cow, Whitty the Chicken and PB the Pig to tell their ice cream story. Their ice cream is fresh made from scratch and if we go to their creamery we want to get one of their “one-of-a kind’ favors. They care about people and the community because they want people to taste their ice cream and still be healthy.

They showed us lessons that we can use for life. One lesson says we can always learn from our mistakes. The first time Ample Hills opened, they were so good that they ran out of ice cream. They got a second chance, so when the ice cream shop opened again, they had enough ice cream.

Miss America and Ample Hills inspired us to think of an original DC ice cream mix-in. We talked about things unique to D.C. like Mumbo hot sauce--hummm. This would not taste good in ice cream. Our school is unique--Friendship Public Charter Schools. So we want to give a shoutout to our 2019 SE FNN stars with an ice cream mix-in called Starburst.

Dha’Kira Williams and Dionne Wallace are 3rd grade scholars, Elijah Corley, Morgan Maddox, Meagan Maddox, Arianna Shaw are 4th grade scholars, and Corde Shaw is a 5th grade scholar at Friendship Southeast Academy.