Men Get Assaulted Too

By: Aneara Burns Photo by:

DEC. 16, 2016: “How can a man get raped? That’s ridiculous!” This disparaging comment is the reason why we don’t really talk about men being sexually assaulted. The victims feel a sense of degradation because they were overpowered, and their manhood was taken from them. But, a man getting raped is just as serious as a woman getting raped.

So, I think men need to find a safe space to express their feelings and thoughts. We need to stop this double standard on rape. Men shouldn’t feel less manly or humiliated. Rape is rape, and we can’t just ignore it because of gender norms.

If we don’t address this issue, another man will remain silent about his assault. We can all be tolerant about and find a way to make men who have been raped have a voice in society. Because if you were that person would you want to remain silent for the rest of your life.

Aneara Burns is a freshman at Friendship Collegiate Academy.