MC’s Corner: Episode 1: How to Make Edible Nail Polish


With your hosts, Candace Spruill and Mackenzie Walden Taylor.

Video By Teresa Matthews. Photo by Antonique Thomas.

Have you ever wanted to create something edible at home by yourself or with friends and family? We’re  in the seventh grade at Friendship Chamberlain Academy and we are starting a series of do-it-yourself project videos called “MC’s Corner”.  We were inspired by a do-it-yourself magazine and hope you enjoy creating these simple and fun projects.

Creativity and imagination can be found in many things. We like projects including creating, cooking, singing, writing and drawing. MCs Corner will include different projects that help you develop creativity and imagination and maybe even find a new hobby.  Our first episode was uploaded this summer. It features cooking and designing edible nail polish. You can add personal ideas and touches to each project. Depending on the project we share,you may want to write down the project step by step as you watch the video.

Drawing the project steps can help you in many ways. Drawing helps you re-energize and focus when you are fatigued. Drawing can bring creativity into your life. There are also some amazing apps and books that can help you with drawing such as Bamboo,  Auto Sketching Book, Drawing Desk and so much more. And, you can find websites on interests and hobbies such as drawing in the Apple App Store.  Drawing, like many interests and hobbies, can connect to technology because you can use devices such as phone apps. After just one search we found that many apps popped up like,,, and plenty more if you search online.

So stay tuned and watch our first episode on edible nail polish. Everything is in your imagination. All you have to do is show your creativity.  Be creative today...what are you waiting for?

Candace Spruill and Mackenzie Walden Taylor are in the seventh grade and Teresa Matthews and Antonique Thomas are in the eighth grade at Friendship Chamberlain Academy.