Mad for Minecraft


By Mckenzie Walden Taylor.  Photos by Mckenzie Walden Taylor and Candace Spruill.

APRIL 8, 2016: Minecraft is a fun game in which you can construct anything you imagine. Although it requires high level skills, one can achieve that with practice.  Once you learn the basics, you will quickly move to the next level. If you’re new to the game here are some ideas to help you get started. Use my screenshots below as a guide. First you can try building a couch.  I included pictures of my work. Once you really get the hang of it you can build your own furniture and rooms.  You can construct an entire home including a kitchen and other rooms you can design from scratch.

How to Make a Couch in Minecraft

You will need stairs. I used quartz stair for my couch. The couch can vary in length. The couch I will be  making is 11 blocks long including the ends. When you get to the end go in F5 mode turn then place the stairs.

How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

Next, make yourself a bed. You will need 18 diamond blocks or any block of your choice. Eighteen blocks are for the embellishments but for the actual bed you will need 6 blocks of wool. Also, you will need 2 white wool blocks for the pillow and 4 colored blocks of wool as the blanket.

I hope you try these two projects and get inspired to build and create your own ideas in Minecraft. Good luck and have fun constructing your own adventure in Minecraft.

Mckenzie Walden Taylor and Candace Spruill  are seventh grade scholars at Friendship Chamberlain Academy.