Love, Simon Review *Spoiler Alert!!*

Photo by Review by Tsion Cummings.

MARCH 30, 2018: Love, Simon is a coming of age movie about a boy named Simon struggling with coming out. He and his three best friends Abby, Nick, and Leah lead average teenage lives apart from the fact that Simon hides his sexuality. He meets a boy named “Blue” on Tumblr under the pseudonym “Jacques”. They begin emailing and develop a relationship under these pen names. Eventually, these emails are found and Simon is blackmailed into setting Martin up with Abby or risk being exposed.

My expectations for Love, Simon were not met by the actual film. I sat down in the movie theater with my friends and was excited to see a movie that could’ve changed my life, but, sadly it was underwhelming. I feel like the movie spent too much time worrying about Simon’s plight with Martin and trying to focus on so many relationships instead of the one between Simon and Blue. I also didn’t see much character development like in the book. Without the development, the characters just seemed bland to me.

However, with all of the things that the movie didn’t live up to, it did have some good things about it. Love, Simon is extremely relatable on a personal level. There were some points in the movie where I wanted to scream, “That is ME!!!”. Also, the movie is particularly funny. Many points in the movie included copious amounts of laughter from the audience. Most importantly, I loved how Simon still formally came out after being outed. It’s just really uplifting to see him be happy after losing his friends and being forced out of the closet.

In a final analysis, I give Love, Simon 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Tsion Cummings is a sophomore at Friendship Collegiate Academy.