Jumping into Virtual Reality Gaming

Story By Richard Okpala. Photo by 2p.com

JULY 29, 2015: We are now living in a world where pretty much anything is possible from the latest gadgets like the iPhone to the iWatch.  Companies are now creating things that people in the past thought were impossible. Have you ever played any game on a gaming system or a computer and thought to yourself if would be really cool if I was actually in the game. Well if you were one of those people, your dream is coming true with The Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset. Oculus was founded by Palmer Luckey, whose dream was to bring virtual reality to life. Oculus recently partnered with Microsoft for its Virtual Reality “Why?” you might ask. When Oculus employees connected the headset to a Windows 8.1 powered computer, the system got confused and didn't know how to handle the headset. The computer eventually shut down.

But, reworking of the code by Oculus helped it run smoother. The reason that Windows had problems connecting to the Oculus was because Windows wasn't built knowing there would ever be virtual reality hardware. But in the reworking of Windows 10 Oculus, partnered with Microsoft so that they could work together to help Windows 10 function with Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. The latest version is set to come out next year.

Richard Okpala is a 2015 graduate of Friendship Collegiate Academy.

Would you try a virtual reality game?
Yes, it's a dream come true.
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