Is Damian Lillard The Best All-Around Point Guard In The League?

Commentary by Terrell Brooks.  Photo by

NOV. 15, 2016: Damian Lillard is a professional NBA player. He plays for the Portland Trail Blazers. He went to a D3 college called Weber State. He was the first round sixth overall pick in the NBA draft. He went on on to win NBA Rookie of the Year by an unanimous decision. The problem is that he is underrated. When people think of point guards, they picture Kyrie Irving and Steph Curry. But, I'm going to give you some facts that prove Damian Lillard is the best point guard in the league.

I think he is the best because he is a leader. He puts his team on his back. He is young. Therefore he has a lot of time before his prime. This season will be his fourth NBA season. Not only that, he stood out on a D3 team. And he had three all-star appearances and made Rookie of the Year after coming out of a D3 school.

Damian is better than Steph. Steph needs screens to get open. Damian doesn’t need screens. Damian is all around which means he can get boards, steals, assists, shoot threes, and dunks. Steph shoots threes 90% of the time. Steph averaged 30.1 ppg, 5.4 rpg and 6.7 apg. On the other hand, Damian only played 75 out of 82 games and averaged 25.1 ppg, 4.0 rpg and 6.8 apg. Steph is in his prime and Damian just got in the league. Therefore he has a few years to reach his prime.

Damian is getting there. He has a lot of years left. So the more he keeps improving the more popular he’ll become.

Terrell Brooks is a freshman at Friendship Collegiate Academy.