Huge Tanker Explosion Causes 67-Car-Pileup on I-95 due to Major Winter Storm

Story by Jerell King. Photos from and

JAN. 6, 2017: On, December 17th in Baltimore, Maryland, our first winter storm hit in a big way knocking out power, and causing hundreds of accidents. But, one major catastrophe due to the icy roads was the 67-car-pileup on Interstate 95, which involved a huge tanker explosion. A video of the huge crash was taken by a motorist on his cell phone. According to Baltimore City Fire Chief Roman Clark, the tanker slid off of the highway, over the jersey wall, onto I-95 and exploded into flames. No one knows actually how the huge tanker managed to slip off of the highway, but one thing’s for sure, that extreme winter weather is here, so everyone needs to be careful out there.

Jerell King is a 9th grade scholar at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.