How Many Will We Lose to Gun Violence?

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Story by Christopher Southerland. Photo Courtesy of Newsela.

November 9, 2018. Last night at 11:20 pm at a nightclub near the popular Pepperdine University, a gunman walked in the club filled with college students and started firing shots. This was supposed to be a regular college night filled with laughter, dancing, and drinking with friends. The gunman had evil on his mind and for an unknown reason took the lives of innocent children. The Washington Post reported that there were 12 people killed including the gunman. This is terrible. How many more lives will we lose to this gun violence? Now people are living in fear of coming out of their houses. Many Americans are asking these questions everyday.

We can make a stand to make words stronger than the bullets. We have to do something about this madness. Mass shootings have to stop and it starts with our gun laws.

Christopher Southerland is a 4th grade scholar at Friendship Woodridge Academy.