Hometown Heroes

Story By Nija Lemons. Photo By Mackenzie Walden Taylor and from google images

Who is your Hero? My hero is my family. Heroes are everywhere sometimes we don’t see them because they look like normal people. Heroes help others and do things for people when they do not have to and make a positive impact on the community. There have been many stories in the news lately about people all over the US who do big things without expecting anything in return.

Who is your hero? Are your heroes at school?  Are they the security guards, the teachers, staff or friends? My mother is a security guard at my school.  She is a hero at my school because she is brave, smart, tall and strong. She protects the community.

Who is your hero? Is your hero a member of the community—firemen, military people, police officers or doctors? I met a man named Mr. Weisenheimer who volunteers with the Capitol Hill Community Foundation. He is a local hero in our community. Mr. Weisenheimer works with a group to provide grants, resources for community programs and organizations for the Capitol Hill community. Some big projects they help support include renovating school libraries, providing community grants for the Eastern Market Fund, Anacostia water programs and more. You can read more at http://www.capitolhillcommunityfoundation.com.

How can kids be heroes?   

Heroes inspire many. One person can make a big difference. Some people say I’m just a kid and kids can’t do big things...that’s for adults.  I say kids can be heroes and do big things. It does not take a lot of time. For example, I CAN DO big things because I have FAMILY BY MY SIDE.  I would like to help others and collect recycled or gently used clothes and send it to people in Africa. Anyone can help others, you can pick an idea from https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/.  Have you heard of Planet Aide? There is a bin near Potomac Metro Station where you can donate used clothes.

Chamberlain kids have been superheroes for people with breast cancer, They walked to raise awareness and support finding a cure for breast cancer and did many other kind things for the local community.  Next time you are looking to pass time or have a few extra minutes you may want to think of a way to help someone or give back to the local community. Live like a superhero today.

Nija Lemons is a third grade scholar and Mackenzie Walden Taylor is a seventh grade scholar at Friendship Chamberlain Academy.