H&M Had It Coming

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Story by Paris Dozier. Photo courtesy of News.com

FEB. 12, 2018: H&M is in the media again. Protesters in South Africa have completely trashed H&M. H&M is taking a big loss after their racist ad went viral two weeks ago. Angry protestors knocked over the clothing displays, along with the clothing racks, mannequins, signs, and displays. It has gone from a nice affordable retail store to a living nightmare. Footage posted on social media showed supporters of the Economic Freedom fighters, a South African political party, blocking the store according to News.com.

Since the ad, H&M has apologized for the sweatshirt that read “ Coolest Monkey in the Jungle”. Many people in South Africa and countries outside of Africa have claimed this to be a racist act. Personally, I feel this is not the best way to react, but they did get their point across! If only H&M could take back what they did, then this would have never happened.

Paris Dozier is a 3rd-grade scholar at Friendship Woodridge Academy.