Have You Ever Hear About Lynne Gober

Story by Sean Beach. Photo by Dionel Grice.

November 10, 2016. Do you know Ms. Lynne Gober? If not I will tell you. Ms. Gober is a high school graduate of McKinley Tech High School in Washington, DC. She went to college at Virginia State University majoring in music. She played the flute, piano, and cello. She got her Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology. She also went to Howard University to get her Master's Degree in Curriculum Development and Teaching. Gober then went to Trinity University for post graduate work in Administration Supervision. After that, she went to the National Guard and served 23 years before retiring as Major Gober.

Gober has been teaching middle and high school science for 25 years. Ms. Gober is a former teacher at Friendship Tech Prep where she taught Earth Science to 6th grade scholars. Over the last three years she sponsored many activities and programs with her students at Tech Prep. Gober hosted the BlacSeum, a project in which the Tech Prep students recreated the inventions of African American inventors. She has also taught her students how to dissect specimens including earthworms, fetal pigs and a human eye.

Gober gave her students experiences that make us want us to be somebody inside and outside of Friendship Tech Prep. She took us on many college tours including Georgetown University, Howard University and the University of District of Columbia. We also got to experience the life of a news reporter when she took us to WUSA 9 and NBC 4 news stations. And we met the Surgeon General during a chat and chew at the Newseum where he talked about the reasons why people should not smoke. Ms. Gober also took Dionel Grice and I to Flint, Michigan to visit our sister school, the International Academy of Flint. Ms. Gober and Ms. Marilyn Kaufman took our FNN Bureau of the Year for 2015-2016 to New York City for front row seats at “Live with Kelly”. And we went to the One World Trade Center and Times Square. At the end of the year Gober took her all her science classes down to the Bolling Air Force Base Bowling Alley to bowl and have fun.

Ms. Gober has also brought many guests to Tech Prep. Last year, the DC National Guard came multiple times to talk to the students about how we can serve our country. Then, Quik Silver from the WKYS 93.9 came to tell students why we should go to college, gave us some trivia questions and gave out gifts. She was featured on 93.9 for Teacher Appreciation Week and interviewed by Quicksilva and L’il Mo. And she invited people from the Old Dominion Eye Foundation to show us how to do human eye dissections.

Ms. Gober believes in taking her classes to the streets. Her 7th grade science classes adopted Milwaukee Place SE for a weekly clean up with the “Adopt a Block” program.

Ms. Gober is a grandmother, mentor, friend and mother to many of her students. One of her favorite sayings is “Science is the New Black”. She has put positive things on children’s minds to be better and to achieve high things in life. Ms. Gober loves to see her students grow and be more successful.  

Ms. Gober takes a lot of pride in her scholar’s learning especially in the subject of science. Ms. Gober loves to give her scholars many hands on activities in DC, Maryland, and Virginia so that scholars can know that there is more beyond Southeast DC. She loves for scholars to do community service/outreach projects because she was always taught that “if you can help someone, your living will not be in vain and scholars are never too young to be able to help the community”. Ms. Gober was really grateful that Friendship PCS gave her an opportunity to teach students who really want to learn in the District of Columbia.

Watch Ms. Gober on WYKS 93.9 with “The Fam in the Morning” on http://kysdc.com/3492815/watch-teacher-appreciation-week-ms-lynne-gober/

Sean Beach is an 8th grade scholar at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.