Harris Teeter: Neighborhood Market or Chamberlain Market?

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Story by Talise Green, Warren McKenzie, and Angel O’Neal. Photo by FNN Chamberlain photographer, Mia Davis.

JAN. 24, 2019: Harris Teeter is a grocery store across the street from our school. There are a lot of different sections that people can shop in at Harris Teeter, which is a good thing because people shop there for different reasons. One person might go for food but another person might go for flowers. Harris Teeter is like a grocery store and more!  Almost every day, students and their parents shop there. They buy breakfast from the hot food bar where they sell eggs, bacon, pancakes and french toast. People also get snacks like cookies, soda, and potato chips. Kids also buy their lunches there. Lunchables are what most students ask for at lunch and since Harris Teeter is so close to our school, they usually get them from there.

A place that a lot of kids don’t go is the pharmacy. A pharmacist is a community helper. They fill prescriptions for people so that they can stay healthy. Peggy is a pharmacist at Harris Teeter. She has been a pharmacist for 20 years and has worked at Harris Teeter for 10 years. The medicine that she gives out the most are special body lotions to help with skin problems and things to help people with diabetes.

No matter what people from Chamberlain shop at Harris Teeter for, there are always so many Champions there. We think that instead of calling it a neighborhood market, they should call it a Chamberlain market.

Mia Davis is a 3rd grade scholar; Talise Green and Angel O’Neal are 4th grade scholars and Warren McKenzie is a 5th grade scholar at Friendship Chamberlain Elementary School.