Hacktivists: Good Or Bad?


Story by FNN Reporter Michael Blackson. Edited by FNN Reporter Sean Beach. Picture from The Source

APRIL 5, 2016: Hacktivists are hackers who fight for a cause. They fight for political justice and they promote social causes. But you will never know who’s a hacker because they look like everyday people.

Why Hacktivists Are Bad?

The hacktivists mess around with the government's private information that it really doesn't want us knowing about. They’re bad because they take down gaming networks like PS4 and Xbox One. They’re also bad because they mess with elections. During the Zimbabwean election, hacktivists took down 50 websites that dealt with the ruling Zanu PF Party.  In the following video the hacktivists group, Anonymous declares war with the terrorists group ISIS because of what they have done such as the Paris Attack.

Why They Are Good?

Hacktivists are good because they promote freedom of speech and democracy. They promote it because they allow you to freely share information. Don't forget that people have a right to know about the government. Also a Hacktivist group call ‘Anonymous’ took down over 40 child pornography websites.

In my opinion even though the hacktivist do some things that I disagree with, I think they are a wonderful group that should be taken seriously. They perform great tasks with just a computer so that’s why I agree with the things that they do.

Michael Blackson is a 8th grade scholar and Sean Beach is a 7th grade  scholar at Friendship Tech Prep Middle School.

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