Greasy, Greasy Chips

Story by Queonah Monts. Picture by Deziyah Flood.     

MARCH 17, 2017. Have you ever eaten Lays Potato Chips? Well if you have, did you know you’re eating too much grease which is not good for our bodies. Eating too much grease slows our bodies down and makes us lazy. Speaking of grease and making people lazy and slowing them down, I had a close friend who ate lots of Lays Potato Chips and became very lazy and gained much weight from the grease which turned into fat and got clogged in different parts of her body.

During our school science fair, a chemistry project caught my attention. The project had all different types of chips on it, and out of curiosity, I went over after seeing my favorite chips on the display board. The project was done by Sky Ebron, and I learned about health issues from eating Lays Potato Chips.

Sky Ebron was one of our finalists in the science fair. She was in third place. She gave me very explicit details about my favorite brand of chips. One detail she gave me was that an average potato chip is usually composed of around 40% to 50% fat.

Lastly, some helpful advice about eating potato chips is to make sure they are homemade or baked thick because those are the usual styles with less grease. And less grease means fewer calories.

Queonah Monts is a 5th grade scholar at Friendship Blow Pierce Academy.