Golden State Warriors: The New Dynasty

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Story by Jacquez Wagner. Photo by

JUNE 10, 2019: In the last 5 years, Golden State has broken and set records at an unbelievable rate. They have gone to the finals four years straight and won three. The Golden State Warriors is and has been the best team for years. This is a new dynasty. They have done things nobody ever did. Stephen Curry came in 2009 as an underrated player. People said, “He’s too small. He can't play at this level. He’s not good enough”. Golden State selected him as the 7th pick of the 2009 draft. He came into the NBA alongside Monta Ellis but Curry had ankle injuries that held him back, which made the NBA think he was a bust and they may have been right about his history.

Golden State Warriors picked up other players years later in the draft like all-stars Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Another key person they added to the team was Harrison Barnes who was also drafted. In 2014 they finally went to the playoffs but lost in the semifinals. That's when they got what they were missing—Coach Steve Kerr.

Then in 2015, they won the finals. Since then they have been going to the finals every year. But, they lost a shocking 3-1 lead to the Cleveland Cavaliers after they broke the record for best team record going 73-9 in the regular season. In the offseason they picked up arguably the best player in the NBA, Kevin Durant. Since then they have been unbeatable, winning almost every series they played during the regular season or playoffs.

The Golden State Warriors have been the best team for five years, something we’ve never seen in the NBA. Personally, I think this is the best team the NBA has ever seen. They have two MVPs on their team and everyone on the starting five is an all-star. What other team has ever done anything like this?

Jacquez Wagner is a sophomore at Friendship Collegiate Academy.