Girls Who Code

These girls attended a competition called Black Girls Code and learned a lot of new information from each other .

These girls attended a competition called Black Girls Code and learned a lot of new information from each other.

Story By Emani Armstrong, Taveon Green, Talise Green, ShyAnn Jackson, Angel O’Neal, and Warren McKenzie. Photos by FNN Chamberlain Photographers: Warren McKenzie, Angel O’Neal and Chamberlain teacher Mr. Izlar.

MAR. 3, 2019: Coding is a very good skill for young people to learn. It is very popular because of all of the games that people play and different programs they use to make these cool games! When kids code, they are using language that the computer understands so they can create different things like games and programs. Let’s meet these kids who code!

Chloe Johnson, India Goldson and Keviana Little love to code!

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Chloe Johnson

Chloe Johnson is a fifth grader who does coding.  She never made a game but she’s trying her hardest each and every day. She wanted to do coding because it sounded interesting to her. She doesn’t have a YouTube channel or any type of channel to show her work, but she wants other people to learn about coding and she wants to inspire other people too.  Chloe’s dad inspired her to do coding. In the future, she wants to make an upgrade for Snapchat. Chloe likes that you get to make games in coding. Chloe also likes to ride her bike, play virtual reality games, go to the pool, and cook for her family.

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India Goldson

India thinks that computer science is a fun and interesting way to learn about new technologies. She hasn’t created any games or apps but she is thinking of making one after she finds out exactly how to put it together. Penelope from the TV show Criminal Minds inspired her to do computer science (India watches a lot of Criminal Minds). Her uncle also does computer science. She likes how technology is used all over the world and how advanced it is. When she isn’t coding, she likes doing art and dancing. She thinks she will use coding to make a website to help people with work organizing. She said she is going to try Hour of Code and Scratch programs to get more practice in coding and reach her goals.

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Keviana Little

Keviana wanted to do coding because it's fun, and she wants to create a social media platform. Nobody really inspired her, she just had an interest on her own. She likes game coding and coding to make apps. That's why she wants to make games that will be fun and entertaining. She never practices it using programs like Scratch, but she does look at the different games and how they are made to be able to try it on her own.

In conclusion, girls are good at what they do and they are unique in their own way.

Emani Armstrong, Talise Green, Taveon Green, Shyann Jackson, and Angel O’Neal are 4th grade scholars at Friendship Chamberlain Academy. Warren McKenzie is a 5th grade scholar at Friendship Chamberlain Academy.