Friendship’s Next Top Teacher

Story and video by DeVon Rogers. 

NOV. 23, 2015: On Saturday October 17th FNN went to the 2015 Teacher of the Year Award Gala. The Gala was about showing what really drives our fellow students to success—their teachers. There were parents, students, other teachers, members of the Friendship family and Roland Martin a friend of FCPS. The JW Marriott Hotel was extremely beautiful with their crystal lights. Roland. S. Martin, our master of ceremonies started by introducing Donald Hense who explained Friendship’s mission, history and future schools, also recognized the brilliant teachers in the Friendship family.

The following teachers were nominated for the award: Yvonne N. Tackie, Friendship Blow Pierce Campus; Ashile Monet Frances Dubose, Friendship Academy at Calverton; Joscelyn N. Reed,  Friendship Chamberlain Campus; Alesha T. White, Friendship Preparatory Academy at Cherry Hill; Celcia E. Robinson, Friendship Collegiate Academy; Claire Holdipp, Friendship Southeast Academy; Ashley Smith,  Friendship Technology Preparatory Academy; Teoshi Edwards,  Friendship Woodridge International Campus.

Those teachers deserve to be recognized for their hard work and commitment to teaching the future of our society. All

of them have pushed beyond requirement to give the proper education to their students. Ms. Tackie is a great teacher who I know works hard and really gets in depth with her students. Ms. Davis, my 8th grade ELA teacher is the most influential teacher I ever knew. Her life has lit a light in my heart and is the oil that drives this machine. Teachers should be recognized for what they do. Some think they are just doing their job, but it's more than that.

This year’s winner of the Teacher of the Year Award Gala of 2015 is Ms. Joseline N. Reed from Collegiate Academy. She stated “If you put hard work and commitment in everything, great things will happen,”... powerful words from a powerful and proud women, teacher and mother. Just looking at her you can tell she is serious, motivated, and a stunningly dressed individual. However, every teacher there was a winner for themselves and their students. All of them are strong African American women who strive to teach to the future of tomorrow.

DeVon Rogers is a 9th grade scholar at Friendship Collegiate Academy.