Friendship Will Dominate In DCIAA State Championship

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Story by Jacquez Wagner. Edited by Dynasty Thomas. Photo courtesy of FNN.

NOV. 30, 2018: FCA Parents, fans, athletes, and coaches have been waiting for the DCSAA playoffs which started on November 24, 2018 when Friendship Knights went against Wilson Tigers at Georgetown University. After all of the hard work and struggles to reach this year DCSAA championship, it's time for them to shine their brightest. Friendship is the powerhouse as the number one seed vs number two seed Wilson who just won off a big loss to number three seed Ballou, 27 to 13.  

FCA beat Wilson with ease—shutting them out  24-0. Although FCA came out sluggish without scoring in the first half, they still managed to pull out a win. Then Woodson came out with a victory over Ballou in the Turkey Bowl with a score of 18 to 12 going into overtime. The game was very close with both teams evenly matched. Earlier in the year the two teams played against each other in a close match. It was a bloodbath with the final score of 21 to 18. Woodson came out with the win with their last drive when player Jahmari Harris caught the game-winning touchdown.

My favorite to win it all is Friendship because we’ve beaten all the teams except Ballou. Last year Ballou beat Friendship in the state championship scoring 39 to 28. Ever since that game, Friendship has been looking for revenge. But this year Woodson defeated Ballou which means we won't see a rematch from last year’s championship. Even though Woodson only beat Ballou off a hail mary pass caught by Jahmari Harris the first time, they found another way to win for their teammate. Friendship beat all the other teams with ease and wouldn't have any trouble doing it again (FCA 30 vs Woodson 14, FCA 14 vs Wilson 6, FCA 24 vs Wilson 0).

The upcoming championship game will be a bloody war between Friendship Knights and the Woodson Warriors on December first at 3pm at Georgetown University. Woodson will be playing for one of their former teammates who was shot. Friendship has held up against all DC schools with a better defense than anyone. They say defense wins games. This why Collegiate will take home the championship.

Jacquez Wagner is a sophomore at Friendship Collegiate Academy.