Friendship Tech Prep Varsity Boys Dominate at the PCSAA Championship

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Story by Asia Ferrell. Photos from Friendship Tech Prep Instagram.

MAR. 20, 2019: On February 26, 2019 the Friendship Tech Prep Academy Varsity Boys basketball team won the PCSAA championship basketball game. Not only that, the team was undefeated all season long. The game was against Cesar Chavez. Tech Prep staff members, students, and parents were all there to support our basketball players. At first I thought we were going to lose this game because during the first two quarters we were losing by a lot of points. The cheerleaders encouraged the basketball players to keep their heads up and not to give up on this game. This was a good opportunity for the cheerleaders because the gym where the game was held was much bigger than the one we have at home.

At halftime, the two cheerleading teams had a cheer battle and I had a fun time. Both teams did their own cheer, then they danced until time was up.

The last two minutes of the game were really hype, because everyone was cheering loudly for the Tech Prep basketball players. We won the game. Everyone was jumping up and down and taking pictures because they were so excited. The final score was 59 (Tech Prep) - 48 (Chavez). At the end of the day, I believe that César Chavez and Friendship Tech Prep Academy both did a good job holding their ground and not giving up.

Asia Ferrell is a 10th grade scholar at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.