Friendship Tech Prep Flag Football Ends With a Big Bang

Story by Shakir Robinson, FNN reporter, Tech Prep Bureau. Edited by Sean Beach. Photo by Bradley Hartley.

FEB. 9, 2016: Our flag football team record at the end of the season was 4 wins, 2 loses, and 2 ties. So we were able to make it to the playoffs this year. There were practices all that week so we could be ready for the playoffs with the top two teams. We had to get ready to win the championship for our school, Friendship Tech Prep Middle School. l wanted my team to be able to place the first trophy in our school. We have a good team because we play together and we might have enough luck to win the championship.

In the first game we played, our team really didn’t play our hardest so we tied against Friendship Woodridge. For the second game we were supposed to play Seed Public Charter School but our team had to forfeit because our school’s soccer team took our bus. Our third game was against Richard Wright Public Charter School and they forfeited the game. So that was another win for us. Our fourth game was against Cesar Chavez Public Charter School, but we lost that game because our team didn’t play together as one whole entire team. Our fifth game was against Kingsmen Public Charter School. We tied with them because the referee didn’t make the right call.

Our sixth game was against Imagine Hope Public Charter School. We beat that team because we all tried our best and did what we were supposed to do. Our seventh game was against Friendship Woodridge, and we also won because we made sure that we were doing the right thing at all times. Our eighth and final game was against Kipp DC Public Charter School and we won 22-0. So that’s how we were able to make it to the playoffs. Thanks to everyone who supported us with our games.

Shakir Robinson and Sean Beach are 7th grade students at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.