Friendship “Cares” about Breast Cancer


DECEMBER 19, 2014. On Thursday, October 31, 2014 “Friendship Cares” raised $500 to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The Friendship Cares scholars walked five blocks and made posters and cards to give to people. Friendship Public Charter Schools matched what they raised for a total of $1,000. On Thursday, December 18, 2014 the chairman of all Friendship schools, Donald L. Hense hosted a ceremony to give the representative from the Susan G Komen Foundation the check. The ceremony took place at the district office on Q Street where Mr. Hense, founder and CEO and Mr. Robinson, Director of Extended Learning Programs, gave speeches to the kids about what a great job they did on breast cancer awareness.

Mr. Robinson interviewed two of the Friendship Cares students from Blow Pierce. The first student was Dezarius Adam a 2nd grade student, who said “ I am happy that we walked in the community so that people can be happy that we raised $500.”Second grader, Lauren Brown said, “I am happy because we are helping our community.” They both gave beautiful statements for children their ages. A fifth grader named Kayne Robinson gave the check to a representative for the Susan G. Komen organization.

Studies show that 1-8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast cancer is formed because in a healthy body, your natural system controls the creation, growth, and death of a cell. When the system malfunctions, more cells grow and then death can occur. The final result is a mass of tissue called a malignant tumor or cancer. When it travels to the breast, it’s known as breast cancer. Susan G. Komen is one of many organizations that help with breast cancer. They have a mission statement and program that says “Ending breast cancer forever is our mission, a goal we strive toward each and every day. We know we won’t achieve it alone—that’s why we’ve long believed in the power of partnerships.”

The Susan G. Komen foundation does amazing things for many women who have or have had breast cancer. It was an honor to go to the event at Q Street to the Friendship Cares Donation Ceremony. I feel sorry for the many women who have breast cancer and hope that there will be a cure soon.

Marquis and Marcus Barbour are 8th grade scholars at Friendship Blow Pierce Academy.