FPCS Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Alexis Joyner                                      

FCA Class of 2013                                       Claflin University Class of 2018                   Human Performance major with minor in Health

Reynard Gregory

FCA Class of 2014                                               Claflin University Class of 2019                           Business Administration major with a concentration in Accounting

JAN. 11, 2016: From Mentee to Mentor: Friendship Public Charter School Alumni Association created the Alumni Ambassador programs to help recent graduates get over the hurdles of being freshmen in college. The Association lucked out by recruiting Alexis Joyner. While working to get her degree in Human Performance, she took in 17 freshmen under her wing. Now one of her former mentees, Reynard Gregary, will be helping her this school year with the workload.  After speaking with these two, I feel they are perfect role models for the incoming freshmen.   

Flonora Merritt, Class of 2008 Friendship Collegiate Academy; 2011 Manga Cum Laude graduate of Trinity Washington University; 2014 Alpha Phi Sigma graduate of Boston University, FNN Alumni Bureau Chief, webmaster and adviser.