FPCS Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Princess Brown

FCA Class of 2014                             Sophomore, North Carolina Central University   Majors in Business and Entrepreneurship Minors in Theater Education                     Currently a Mentor in the FPCS Alumni Ambassador Program

DEC. 10, 2015: The Friendship Alumni Ambassador Program has some amazing mentors running their operation. One of them is Ms. Princess Brown, who plans on going to grad school and coming back to DC to open her own performing arts school. Maybe when Princess comes back, Friendship might be interested in opening an all-performing arts high school. Watch out Duke Ellington! In a fews years, you’ll have some serious competition on your hands.     

Flonora Merritt, Class of 2008 Friendship Collegiate Academy; 2011 Manga Cum Laude graduate of Trinity Washington University; 2014 Alpha Phi Sigma graduate of Boston University, FNN Alumni Bureau Chief, webmaster and adviser.