FPCS Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Kameisha Hodge

FCA Class of 2007             Lafayette College Class of 2011 Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in English and Creative   Writing with a Concentration in Poetry at Southern New Hampshire University


Uplifting people’s consciousness: Kameisha Hodge was one of FNN’s best writers. It was no surprise that she has written three books, Atlas of Consciousness, Double Consciousness: An Autoethnic Guide to My Black American Experience and Unconsciousness. Now is she helping  young authors  put their work on paper. Kameisha and fellow alum, Charles Smith, founded i2Kings1Queen Publishing. Their mission is to give those who would normally be ignored by big publishers a chance to put their work on the shelves and/or tablets.  If you’re interested in getting your story or poems published you can visit their website  http://www.i2kings1queen.com/ and support this growing venture.    

Flonora Merritt, Class of 2008 Friendship Collegiate Academy; 2011 Manga Cum Laude graduate of Trinity Washington University; 2014 Alpha Phi Sigma graduate of Boston University, FNN Alumni Bureau Chief, webmaster and adviser.