FPCS Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Gabrielle Quick

FCA Class of 2012                                     Bethune Cookman University Class of 2016   Majoring in Music Technology                   Mentoring Jania Moore                                     FCA Class of 2015

JAN 27, 2016: It’s music to our ears: I don’t think you can get a better match than Gabrielle Quick and Jania Moore. Both have an interest in music and have developed a strong bond at the Alumni Ambassador meet and greet. The purpose of the event was for the mentors to get to know their mentee(s). The best part of this program is that it can prevent incoming freshmen from making college-ending mistakes.  The mentor isn’t just there to keep your grades on track. The mentor is there to help freshmen adjust to a new environment.  You have to commend Gabrielle for taking on this challenge while working on becoming a music producer while getting a master’s degree in business. She is truly hitting all the right notes.

Flonora Merritt, Class of 2008 Friendship Collegiate Academy; 2011 Manga Cum Laude graduate of Trinity Washington University; 2014 Alpha Phi Sigma graduate of Boston University, FNN Alumni Bureau Chief, webmaster and adviser.