FPCS Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Benjamin Bullock

FCA Class of 2012                                       Posse Scholar Winner                             Lafayette College Class of 2016                       BA in International Affairs               Concentration in Development Studies  

Kiyah Holloman

FCA Class of 2011                                       Posse Scholar Winner                             Lafayette College Class of 2015                       BA in English                                   Concentration in Composition Writing    

JUNE 29, 2015. Rolling with the Posse Scholars:  Being a Posse Scholar is a major achievement. I had the pleasure to talk with three. Two alumni and one high school senior. Benjamin is majoring in International Affairs at Lafayette College. Once he graduates, he’s going into the Marines and travel the world to help those in need. Kiyah graduated this year from Lafayette College with a BA in English. She wants become a broadcast journalist. It won’t be long before we see her on CNN (I hope Kiyah can help out with FNN before she becomes famous, lol). These two alumni are great mentors for their fellow Posse Scholar winner Valencia Perry. I hope she follows their example and has a smooth transition into college life. Congratulations to all the FCA’s Posse Scholars!

Flonora Merritt, Class of 2008 Friendship Collegiate Academy; 2011 Magna Cum Laude graduate of Trinity Washington University; 2014 Alpha Phi Sigma graduate of Boston University, FNN Alumni Bureau Chief, webmaster and adviser.