Forever 21 Is Being Sued By Puma

Story by Nataleigh Jackson. Photo from

MAY 12, 2017: Forever 21 is a chain of clothing stores located all throughout the United States. Fenty Puma is a mix of street and sport looks in shoes, clothing, and accessories for an athletic look.

Forever 21 copied three Puma shoes Rihanna helped design—the Creeper, the Bow Slide and the Fur Slide. Forever 21 states that its "business model is based on trading off of the established goodwill of reputable, name-brand companies, such as Puma". Puma wants to sue Forever 21 to “immediately shut down sales of the knocked-off gear, and to get ALL Forever 21's profits from them.”

I don’t think Puma should sue Forever 21 because not everybody can afford to buy Fenty x Pumas. Forever 21 is giving everybody an opportunity to at least feel like they are wearing Fenty x Puma. Since Puma is suing Forever 21, Forever 21 will have to give Puma all of their earnings from the duplicates. This will probably put a dent in Forever 21’s bank account but not that much since they have a lot of stores and other products.

Nataleigh Jackson is an 8th grade scholar at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.