FCA Advisories Create Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Videos

Story by Sy`Quan Clark.

JAN 14, 2016: In the last week of October, Friendship Collegiate Academy had a contest that gave advisories a chance to inform us about breast cancer and domestic violence with 40 second commercials. The Breast Cancer Awareness winner was Mrs. McWilliams-Polonsky’s advisory. Their prize was a lunch at Chick-Fil-A. The Domestic Violence Awareness winners was Ms. Bhasin’s advisory. Their prize was also Chick-Fil-A. Mr. Jackson’s advisory produced the one video that FNN liked. Sadly they didn’t win.

Then switch over to the entertaining Domestic Violence Awareness video produced by Ms. Bhasin’s advisory.

You can watch the amazing Breast Cancer Awareness video produced by Mrs. McWilliams-Polonsky’s advisory here.

Then view FNN’s favorite and funny video produced Mr. Jackson’s advisory.

Which one is your favorite video?
Mrs. McWilliams-Polonsky’s advisory
Ms. Bhasin’s advisory
Mr. Jackson’s advisory
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Sy`Quan Clark is a junior at Friendship Collegiate Academy.