Fantastic Tacky Tuesday

Story by Lavar Streater. Photo by Saeve Evans.

JAN. 7, 2016: We had Tacky Tuesday on Tuesday, November 27, 2015. Everyone had a blast. Most of us had so many colors on we looked like a rainbow. Some of us even had on different shoes, shirts, and pants on inside out. The whole school participated.

We had a dj who played music and The Capitol Kidds came out and danced. Then some people in the crowd got up and started to dance. The Capitol Kidds started throwing out prizes for people to catch and I was one of them. They were throwing shirts and wristbands. We had a great time that day. I feel really bad for the people who have gotten into trouble and could not attend this event that day.After we had our fun we headed upstairs. We first had to calm ourselves down from our ¨fun zone¨ then we headed back to class.

I was able to play and dance with my friends. I was able to laugh and joke with them while we were dancing. Best of all I was able to be myself and have fun.

Lavar Streater and Saeve Evans are 6th grade students at Friendship Blow Pierce Academy.