Fancy Fake Nails For Girls

Story and photo by Nijah Ford.

April 4, 2017. Fake nails are fabulous and they help your real nails grow. Fake nails also known as “Tips” come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes. Some familiar colors that always trend are blue, pink, purple and gray.

Fake nails do not always have to be for adults, they can also be for kids. There are fake nails that are made for children over the age of 10. You can also purchase them from stores like CVS, Rite Aid or Target. They even have fake nails that look like your real nails. If you do not want to get your artificial nails from the store, you can just go to a nail salon and get either a full set or manicures. “Full set” is a full fresh set of nails, a fill is when you already have your nails done and you want to repair the acrylic.

Some parents do not allow their children to wear fake nails. If your parents don’t like the length of long nails for kids, then just inform your parents that there are many other options besides the acrylic. If you go to a nail salon to get your nails done it may cost about $25-$30. However, if you go to the mall to get your nails done it will be $35.00 but it all depends on how you get them and the location of where you go to get your nails done.

Nijah Ford is a 5th grade scholar at Friendship Blow Pierce Academy.