Don’t Stress Because It’s Okay

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Story by R’Nasia Murphy Picture by R’Nasia Murphy

NOV. 30, 2018: A good percentage of the world is made up of teenagers. Teenagers go through puberty and may regret a lot of things they do in their teenage life. For one thing, it’s scary for teenagers if they don’t have a plan, as in not having colleges lined up and picked out, not knowing what career to pursue, and not having straight A’s as expected. It’s all hard. You may not have the resources to figure out your life plan. No one wants to pursue something that isn’t their dream. But what if you don’t have a dream yet?

I know it’s hard, but just remember, almost everyone has been in your position before. Some may have a paved plan, others may have a plan from the time they were kids. Some even had a plan but realized it wasn’t their dream. Whatever you do, do not live a lie. If you don’t want a career or job, do not pursue it. It’s okay to think about your career path choices for a few months, or even for a few years. It’s okay not to know what college you want to go to yet. It’s okay to not have a full-fledged plan. One day, it won’t be okay. But for now, it is.

Savor your teenage life, live and plan. Plan your future and along the way, find people who you can go to to help you pick a career path. Research colleges, tour colleges. Find the interests you would like to pursue. There’s something for everyone. Don’t worry. You’ll be okay. It’s okay.

R’Nasia Murphy is a 10th grade scholar at Friendship Technology Preparatory Academy.