Does Trump Have to Tweet About Everything?

Story by Janiya Rivera. Photo by Trinity Horton.

January 11, 2017.  Last night’s Golden Globe sparked a lot of attention. Meryl Streep accepted the Cecil B. De Mille Award for excellence in acting and performing in roles that have won her a number of Oscars. What surprised many viewers and celebrities in the room was the comment she made about how Donald Trump had made fun of a person with a disability. Streep stated, “I still can’t forget about what he said, it’s in my mind.”

Immediately after leaving the stage, Trump retaliated by tweeting,“She’s a Hillary flunky.” Really, this is what the president- elect says out of his mouth? The president should be a person to whom we can look up to and respect. He is the “boss” for millions and more importantly, he’s placed in charge of our country.

It’s very disturbing to think that for the next four years we have to hear about ongoing tweets every time someone makes a comment about the president, and a comment that is NEGATIVE from the highest official. Is this really a way to demonstrate being a “Great Leader”? In Meryl Streep’s speech she stated that, “disrespect invites disrespect!” Personally, Trump is a bully to the U.S.A. Trump should really think about all of the children who are listening and watching.

Janiya Rivera and Trinity Horton are 5th grade scholars at Friendship Woodridge Academy