Does Friendship's Mission Matter?

Story and Photo by Sean Beach

OCT. 12, 2016: What is the mission of Friendship Public Charter School?

The mission of Friendship Public Charter School is to provide a world-class education that motivates students to achieve high academic standards, enjoy learning, and develop as ethical, literate, well-rounded and self-sufficient citizens who contribute actively to their communities.

All of this time I’ve been wondering if Friendship Public Charter School’s Mission actually matters in the Friendship community. To me yes, because Friendship PCS wants us to be able to get a world class education and be well-rounded with everything we do. During all my years at Friendship I have been able to see how the different campuses have grown over the past few years. We are learning how to do different things to contribute to our community. Friendship has a saying “One Vision, One Mission, One Friendship” which means that we are all one community and one Friendship family. Friendship PCS wants to prepare their students for a higher education.  

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Sean Beach is a 8th grade scholar at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.