Do You Think Police Are Above the Law?

Story by Jadon Miller. Photo from

Police should not have the right to do as they please just because they’re police. They are supposed to be there to help and serve—not to come at people who they think look like they are doing wrong. Just because they have authority and are supposed to protect the city or state, does not mean that people should have to suffer because of cruel-acting police.

Police have brutally beaten people just because of their skin color or their race. For instance, on February 9, 2016, in southeast, a man and his brother who were from Nigeria were restrained and wrongly accused. They were accused for doing wrong just because they walked into a church and wanted to pray to the Lord. The police took one of the brothers and threw him into a police car for nothing.Then he was slammed on the ground, sprayed with mace and put in handcuffs. The Nigerian man recorded his brother during the same time he witnessed what was happening.

Why do the police treat us blacks like dogs? Our lives matter just as much as their own. People have died just because of their skin color and race. The police think just because they have a gun and handcuffs that rights don't matter. They believe this is justice, but they need to realize that beating people to death and giving them severe injuries is not the correct way of showing justice.

Do you think the police are above the law? I think they have to follow the same rights as civilians.  

Jadon Miller is a 8th grade scholar at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.