Do We Really Need Cell Phones?

Story by Sean Beach. Photo from

For the past few weeks, this question has been going through my head. Do we really need cell phones? Yes it’s great technology, but why? Over 92% of people in the United States own them. Yes, they are really useful, but do we really need them. I believe yes and no.

I say that we do need them because we should be able to communicate with our parents. We may need them in case of an emergency. They have really cool features such as GPS, so you can get to a certain destination without getting lost. You can access the internet from mostly wherever you are. You can search up any and everything. You can access your emails. You can also communicate better by using text messaging or simply calling. And you also have video calling. As students, we should all have phones because a lot of our parents work and most students either walk home or use public transportation, so our parents should be able to know where we are and how long it will take us to get home.

I also say that we do not need them because a lot of people get very addicted to their phones. Sometimes it can be a very big distraction to what you should be doing. People have died because they were not paying attention while using their phones. A teenager in Minnesota was texting and driving, killing both her and her father in a tragic accident.

What do you think? Do you think that we really need cell phones? Write your opinion in the comment box below.

Sean Beach is a 8th grade scholar at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.