Did The Ladies In Pitch Perfect Hit The Perfect Pitch?

Movie Review By Tyjai Robinson. Photo by Joelipe.com

When I began to watch Pitch Perfect 2, I started to think about myself as a high school student waiting to go to college, and as person who has interest in music and producing different music. I considered singing in a college group, like the Bellas. As the movie started, I saw the singing Bella’s come on stage and I was so surprised—not because of the lyrics and notes that left their mouths but because of how advanced they looked since the last time I saw them. As they were performing there was a part when Fat Amy flashed the president and they were terminated. I thought this was the end of the Bellas, but that wouldn’t make sense because then we wouldn’t have a movie. The Bellas went out of town to a camp to get closer together. They shot a bonding activity where they all sat around the fire and sung songs  together to reconnect their voices in a perfect harmony. As a result of this they regained their ground as group and rediscovered themselves as a group.  This movie tells kids and teens how to develop good teamwork and good team unity.

After viewing the movie I waited a whole year for, I was pretty satisfied by the content and the different lessons I learned. But I wanted to see what other people thought about this film. “Pitch Perfect 2 is fun, goofy and an overall crowd-pleaser. It has a formula to it, but that won't bother fans of the original” says Nick Romano the critic for cinemablend . Since I saw this movie I agreed with Nick because I believe that the film would be a very good crowd-pleaser with fun and goofy moments. I think if you saw the original Pitch Perfect, you would be extremely happy and surprised by the sequel.

Taijai Robinson is a student at Friendship Collegiate Academy.    

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