College Is The Key To Your Future: Be Prepared

Story by Paris Tyler and Rebekah Beverly. Photo by Kajia Howe and Shayla Phillips.

JANUARY 8, 2014. On Friday December 19, 2014, Chamberlain 8th grade students and other Friendship students were invited to participate in a college experience at Friendship Collegiate Academy. The goal of this trip was to make an impression on middle school kids that college is important—not only important—but important to think of now and to mentally prepare yourself.  

It was an exciting visit. First we saw the gym and spoke to representatives from different colleges. We ran into Mr. Hense and some classmates, said a brief hello and took a picture with him.  Then we went to the auditorium and listened to college students speaking about their experiences. Finally it was time to return to Chamberlain.

Friendship public charter school provides a lot of opportunities, but this one in particular has opened up our minds to think about college and to prepare for it now. To me (Paris Tyler) it has made me want to really take time to think about what I want to do with my life. To make a plan for the future, now, after hearing other peoples’ stories makes me feel like I should take advantage of the opportunities I have. Not to say I haven’t, but to make everyone count. Being an 8th grader you have to prepare yourself for high school, but you should also look into college too. Having prior knowledge of the application process and the audition process from high school can help when you are doing the same for college.

Paris Tyler, Rebekah Beverly, Kaijai Howe and Shayla Phillips are eighth grade scholars at Friendship Chamberlain Academy.