Chamberlain Volleyball Team To The Playoffs!

Story by Kyla Smith, Tange Mills, Iyana Nickens and Stephon Davis. Photos by Nija Lemons.

FEB. 16, 2017: This year the Chamberlain Girls Volleyball team advanced to the playoffs. They defeated two teams in the playoffs and had a great season!

Tange Mills and Kyla Smith were new additions to the team this year. In Tange’s opinion, it was very fun playing on the team. It is a lot of work and you need a lot of skill to do it.

Kyla and Tange enjoyed playing and learning from all teammates on the volleyball team including Diamond Baker, Tiffane Nesbit, Isis Onoro, Latrice Jenkins, Kaliah Kofield, Jayla Nickens, Nija Lemons and a few other girls.

Even though the team won most games, a few were very challenging. In our opinion, the toughest game was with Ceaser Chavez. They had more experience.

We played eleven games this season and got better throughout the season. We won most of our games. Coaches Scranton and Lemons taught us how to serve, move our feet and play offense and defense.

Kyla is thinking about playing Volleyball in college. Her mom played in high school and inspires her to this day.

The greatest accomplishment for the team was making it to the playoffs.  We hope to improve and win the playoffs next year.

Kyla Smith, Tange Mills and Iyana Nickens are in the sixth grade, Nija Lemons is in the fifth grade and Stephon Davis is in the seventh grade at Friendship Chamberlain Academy.