Chamberlain Champions Walk for A Cause

Story by Iyana Barnes. Photos by Ayonla Carter.

DEC. 5, 2016: Many people all over the world wear pink to show support and raise awareness for Breast Cancer. Did you know that everyday we are getting closer to finding a cure for cancer? This is an important cause because it is a very serious illness and can even cause death.

President Obama wants a solution. In 2016, President Obama pledged a national effort to find a cure for cancer.

According to, many different cancer awareness events happen throughout the year. To view the Cancer Awareness Calendar for 2016 go to and search calendar.  NFL and baseball players wore pink to show their love and support during the month of October.  

On Tuesday,October 18th, Chamberlain Champions walked to show their support in the fight against Breast Cancer.  Grades pre-k through eight made signs and wore pink to support breast cancer awareness. We walked around the school and then walked a few blocks on Capitol Hill near the school.

This cause is important because many people have breast cancer and they want to give love and support to people who survived or are going through breast cancer.  We showed our love and support to the local community.

Did you know many people beat Breast Cancer and are survivors? Wanda Sykes, the comedian, survived breast cancer.

What if one of your parents told you that she had breast cancer?  What would you do to help your parents and your other family members?  

Since cancer awareness happens all year, think about one way you can show your support. It can be as simple as wearing a color like pink or participating in a local cancer awareness walk in your community. It will boost up confidence and strength for a loved one or help to fight and search for a cure.  

Many researchers are looking for the best ways to cure, support and identify causes and solutions.

Here’s a few ways to avoid cancer. You can be physically active and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Or, don't smoke and get tested. To learn more, go to and

Iyana Barnes is a sixth grade scholar and Ayonla Carter is a seventh grade scholar at Friendship Chamberlain Academy.