Blue Belles on the Move!

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Story by C’Erra Andrews. Photo from (Instagram)

DEC. 04, 2018: Breast Cancer month is a perfect time to support breast cancer and those women and men who are breast cancer survivors. On Saturday, October 26, 2018, our FTPA cheerleaders known as the Blue Belles stepped out to help our women and men fight to heal breast cancer. Tech Prep’s Blue Belles have been bonding and training all summer and now it is time to put those skills to the test. The experience was exciting and educational at the same time. Tech Prep’s Blue Belles are getting their new season started right.

The women and men at the walk for breast cancer have inspired our cheerleaders as much as they can. It was a very fun and educational experience because just seeing how these beautiful women and men are putting so much attention and effort into being here is just outstanding and amazing. Less than 2 months ago, I lost my aunt to breast cancer and it was a tragedy for me and my family. When I heard that her team was participating in the walk for breast cancer, I was overly excited and could not wait to represent my aunt as well as the other families that lost a family member or friend to breast cancer.

In order to prepare for the breast cancer walk, the cheerleaders had to practice. This summer the Friendship Tech Prep Cheerleaders showed so much spirit participating in all of our events.

And, just in case you missed it, Tech Prep came out with a big bang at Friendship’s convocation of 2018-2019. They started by showing unity with our other family over at Friendship Collegiate Academy (First Lady Knights Cheerleaders). The convocation was also a very big success for Friendship Tech Prep because we won the spirit stick and we also made Tier One! Friendship Tech Prep is officially the highest performing school in the district. We are proud of our spirit and the effort from all of our scholars.

C’Erra Andrews is a 10th grade scholar at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.