Blow Slams and Rhymes Words

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Story by De’Asya Ford and Christian Henson. Photos by Deziyah Flood.

April 14, 2017. Here at Blow Pierce Elementary School, Ms. Morgan and Ms. Foster’s Pre-K classroom had a poetry slam. The poetry slam was a fundraiser. They sold bracelets, paintings, and food like shrimp and grits, drinks, and pastries to raise money for an end-of-year field trip. The room was decorated in a fun way. It made people want to come in to explore. The walls had colorful graffiti. At our poetry slam, teachers and students got together to recite poems, while most of the students’ parents were sitting down to watch. All of the poems were original. It was amazing to see all the Pre-K students reciting their poems without reading from paper. We heard a unique poem by a fifth grade student named Deziyah Flood called “Dreams”. After that, two sixth graders named Jereniyah Perkins and Aniyah Simmons recited poems called “My Life”.

We think the fundraiser was successful because lots of the parents bought the children’s art and it looked like they made lots of money.

De’Asya Ford, Deziyah Flood and Christian Henson are 5th grade scholars at Friendship Blow Pierce Academy.